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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
преди година
damiyo lamare
damiyo lamare преди 13 часа
An eye opener.
Matt H
Matt H преди 13 часа
'Adult in the room' If trump was competent, he would have recruited more people like Barr and done significantly more damage.
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz преди 13 часа
Uusarushirley преди 13 часа
I love this omfg
Dan Byrne Jr
Dan Byrne Jr преди 13 часа
That was fucking awesome!!🔥🔥🔥🤣
Theerthan Vidya
Theerthan Vidya преди 13 часа
saying this in 2020 november - "PHUK U CHINA"
Bao Doan
Bao Doan преди 13 часа
Who's here after The Mayor of America started dripping hair ooze? xD
Theerthan Vidya
Theerthan Vidya преди 13 часа
John Oliver is the dumbest person to believe china is doing better
Dave Lemoine
Dave Lemoine преди 13 часа
Love jones
Jatin Dhamecha
Jatin Dhamecha преди 13 часа
It's really beyond my level of understanding. People of United States elected a guy with list of scandals, who managed to fall into more scandals while he was a president, got impeached and YET more people voted for him in 2020 than 2016. It's either that he was extremely good at fooling people or a lot of people were stupid enough to be fooled by someone like him.
pt42sundevils преди 13 часа
Who will win?
Darlkin преди 14 часа
The secret of Australia, no matter who is in charge even if you voted for them, the moment they get in they are a dickhead.
Falcon43351 преди 14 часа
Oh man.. i thought.. oh great monday.. let s look another episode.. and then the numbness dropped in .. ohhh the emptiness
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio преди 14 часа
'Warehouses' That's a new euphemism for concentration camps I wasn't expecting today...
pt42sundevils преди 14 часа
Who will win?
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio преди 14 часа
Holy shit that speech in the end was absolutely gripping
Sherman Culbertson
Sherman Culbertson преди 14 часа
Republicans are just pathetic hypocrites who soled their souls to the devil.
stratowhore преди 14 часа
Well, after using forced/slave labor during WWII, you can't expect VW to care much about Uighurs.
Adam Frost-Venrick
Adam Frost-Venrick преди 14 часа
Does anyone else think that the British baby image looks like the president from Dr. Strangelove?
kimymarie596 преди 14 часа
Many governments didn’t get this right. But there’s a difference between failure, and down right reckless behaviour. The rest of the world looks at the US like this...😬😬😬
timsokay преди 14 часа
Well these complimentary comments of the pundits John shows on Jarrod aged well....
The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon преди 14 часа
I'm surprised he didn't bring up that getting on the ground and covering your ears won't do shit
Mayra S
Mayra S преди 14 часа
The media bias is on fire!
Sableng Review
Sableng Review преди 14 часа
The dog part always burst me into laugh.....
Madison Bachand
Madison Bachand преди 14 часа
"No more Betsy DeVoss" Oh thank god.
Vodka Tamarindo
Vodka Tamarindo преди 14 часа
I think the best public shaming I’ve seen was Brock Turner because he sure as hell did not receive legal justice
Orin Mancine
Orin Mancine преди 14 часа
Trump got the full 2020 experience: Got covid, lost his job, got evicted.
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes преди 14 часа
Well, dont come to America and kill a bunch of people and no fire will be put into your veins. There are a few killers that deserved to have their ballz sawed off and pushed in front of a flaming subway train. Ted Bundy and Jimmy Lee Gray are examples. To the woodchipper they go
Fresh Turkey
Fresh Turkey преди 14 часа
John Oliver I still remember how you mock Trump in 2016. You are the bully not president Trump.
Renske050 преди 14 часа
Holy SHIT that Mark Hyman segment is so incredibly ablist I literally can't watch that shit. Literally, people with mental illness often NEED trigger warning and safe spaces to be able to fucking function. Imagine having PTSD and not knowing when something is going to trigger a flashback, or having DID and not having the ability to shut yourself off from stimuli when you're dissociating. People asking for trigger warnings and safe spaces are helping the economy by making it possible for more people to function in society. How fucking myopic can you be?
The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon преди 14 часа
I didn't expect John Oliver to do the "You Can't See Me" motion
Sure, Not
Sure, Not преди 14 часа
I miss when his wife Rosanne had that tv show
John John
John John преди 14 часа
The continuous lies of the left
Annakari Cole
Annakari Cole преди 14 часа
This was completely funny. :)
Benjamin Colón jr
Benjamin Colón jr преди 14 часа
Cops are pigs with uniforms badges and deadly weapons
Veasna Samreth
Veasna Samreth преди 14 часа
Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?
Venom_Colada 1
Venom_Colada 1 преди 13 часа
Stolen comment. Literally saw this 8 minutes ago.
Vicky Corbeels
Vicky Corbeels преди 14 часа
that's another tonne of CO2 in the air
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo преди 14 часа
Shivakumar Sundaram
Shivakumar Sundaram преди 14 часа
Liked the last 3 minutes.
00 Spool
00 Spool преди 14 часа
Disgusting pieces of human garbage!
Charity Hair
Charity Hair преди 14 часа
So deeply satisfying, watching 2020 burn. I love you John Oliver. Rock on.
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson преди 14 часа
We are doomed if biden is president
Linda Marino
Linda Marino преди 15 часа
"I don't know!!!"
Rori Clare
Rori Clare преди 15 часа
So, it's part of my job to maintain the stationary cupboard at work and Every Single Goddamn Week when I'm taking stock all I have in my head is just 'the only reason you should be fired from your job after your wedding is if your theme is stolen office supplies' on a constant loop over and over and over again. Someone save me. Why am I watching this yet again?
Godwin Wong
Godwin Wong преди 15 часа
It's crazy that there are bots posting on John's videos. I mean it makes sense, but man, It is so hard to fathom people like that.
Truth преди 15 часа
I love John Oliver.
Nature and Physics
Nature and Physics преди 15 часа
Waffles = wall falls = I GOT A SUBTLE JOKE! YAAAAAY!
Cath Dodd
Cath Dodd преди 15 часа
This prosperity gospel horseshit is as far from the teachings of Jesus as you are going to get. Small wonder Trump buddied up to the evangelists. You don't need to know the Bible, you don't need to pray or live according to the teachings of Christianity: just throw money at these charlatans and buy your way into Heaven. I wonder how much cash was slipped under the table and I wouldn't be surprised if it came from Trump's charities or if there was some tax loophole involved. As for that lot, they got what they wanted: draconian law on abortion and political influence. They showed they were prepared to slip in bed with the Devil and have him roger them all night long to get their own way. They disgust me. They always have disgusted me. Hope they enjoy their private jets and expensive houses because that's it. When it comes their time, Jesus will be wanting a word I'm sure. They're not going to like what they hear.
Kaliq al rasheed
Kaliq al rasheed преди 15 часа
im indonesian and i realize america slaughter 1million indonesian who support communist
Rori Clare
Rori Clare преди 15 часа
(Firstly, Anita Hill is so damn eloquent and contained and so clearly knowledgeable-- that goes without saying. This woman is my new hero. But that's not the point I'm trying to make just now.) Came back here after finally watching his interview with Dustin Hoffman in 2017. And it feels so strange to be so proud of a man in relation to sexual harassment. He feels shame at his own lack of action in his youth and he takes that shame, turns it around, and learns from it. And Hill is right, his knee jerk reactions can still be better, but he's still willing to take input from those more experienced/educated (like Anita Hill!) and change his ways and that attitude in comparison to Hoffman's aggressive defensiveness and refusal to show even the slightest bit of empathy or introspection is just... I guess all I'm saying is; Thank you, John Oliver, for being aware of the power you wield (as a public figure, as a white man) and using it to give a voice to those whose own voices keep getting crushed.
Justin Emerson Richards
Justin Emerson Richards преди 15 часа
My three greatest loves in life have been American history, American film, and American talk show hosts. This is my dream come true.
Dan von Rhynern
Dan von Rhynern преди 15 часа
"Corrections Corporation of America" is as dystopian as it gets. 11:08
MD преди 15 часа
8:00 Epic music, and props to the composer! Reminiscent of Megabyte's theme, who is a virus in a digital world in a show called Reboot. Megabyte's Theme:
Topdog Ellie
Topdog Ellie преди 15 часа
dimitri gharam
dimitri gharam преди 15 часа
I felt like this video made Trump lost the election
hasnol hassan
hasnol hassan преди 15 часа
But liverpool won the league this year
Christopher Lacroix
Christopher Lacroix преди 15 часа
Actually I like the solid backdrop. I hope they keep it after the apocalypse is over.
Sally Wilkins
Sally Wilkins преди 15 часа
"The Rock" has done the best out of his wrestling career
Diana February
Diana February преди 15 часа
Best show ever John and congrats on your first American voting experience!. See my new product TikTok btw
Michael Red Sox
Michael Red Sox преди 15 часа
We had no problem spending billions of dollars to send few idiots to the moon.
정원조 преди 16 часа
Waaaaiiiit... so sex ed teachers don’t need certifications in america? Well that’s mindblowing...
Sally Wilkins
Sally Wilkins преди 16 часа
I used to work in a foster care facility for troubled boys. That job was more dangerous than even half of what these officers face, and we weren't even allowed to use restraints that would hurt the kids, let alone kill, scare or sedate them. To manage dangerous situations, we had to use our brains and the massive body of psychological study the world has accrued (fully available to the police). There's nothing heroic about hiding behind a gun.
Kate Jones
Kate Jones преди 16 часа
I'm looking forward to the day when we can stop caring about Donald Trump... it's going to be a beautiful day. However, I will be very disappointed if Trump isn't escorted forcefully from the White House.
Jason Leslie
Jason Leslie преди 16 часа
You have only done 1 show!!!! 1 show that doesn’t hafta do with trump, like a puppy colbert in 3 fucking years!!!!!!!
Diana February
Diana February преди 16 часа
Reckon hell. If you’re kind to bullies it only teaches them to keep bullying because they get what they want. You kissing their ass trying to show them how to do it right isn’t accomplishing what you think. The best teaser is most popular. Practice teasing and win the hearts of his loyalists.
Jason Leslie
Jason Leslie преди 16 часа
Dear John Oliver. Now that Biden has won can you possibly go back to what made you and the incredible people you work with go back to normal??? Be you or be homeless Stevie cobert. Up to you?!? Loved your show until it became pandemic episodes 1-whenever you wanna stop
Shawn G K
Shawn G K преди 16 часа
soinu foig
soinu foig преди 15 часа
Thank you so much for this video!!!?
Nicholas Durst
Nicholas Durst преди 16 часа
John Oliver really is a modern-day Upton Sinclair.
Diana February
Diana February преди 16 часа
Octopi, not pusses.
soinu foig
soinu foig преди 15 часа
always a sound voice.
Karl Wheeler
Karl Wheeler преди 16 часа
We need that shirt
Naruto Uzumaki सातवा होकागॆ
Naruto Uzumaki सातवा होकागॆ преди 16 часа
Modi might not be a good economist, or the best guy to be a PM, but he is great leader who is actually devoted to make India better, that's for sure. I like him 👍
Naruto Uzumaki सातवा होकागॆ
Naruto Uzumaki सातवा होकागॆ преди 15 часа
@Ashish Yadav Lol
Ashish Yadav
Ashish Yadav преди 15 часа
What a justification 😂😝 OO BC bloody bhakts.😂🖕
Nature and Physics
Nature and Physics преди 16 часа
One of these even managed to get elected president, except he worships himself.
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design преди 16 часа
Plant your seed is what’s said in a gay bathhouse.
Diana February
Diana February преди 16 часа
Hamsters in Speedo’s mmmmm.
Audiobox 2004
Audiobox 2004 преди 16 часа
Yeah countries are in debt and now China is building military bases on them. 🤩😂
Orane преди 16 часа
Trump needs to stop building hotels and build churches. He could have saved his two $750 payments?
GregoriusMagnus преди 16 часа
I hope that 8:47 thing is CGI. Otherwise, what a waste of CO2 emission in 2020!
Lolita petite
Lolita petite преди 16 часа
A President that answers to no one is called a dictator.
late lat
late lat преди 16 часа
Is it me or others also see the homophony between “Yellow turtle” & “Yellow trump”! 🤓
Dru Blood
Dru Blood преди 16 часа
I find it very funny that the republican city commissioner is so shocked about receiving death threats from fanatical republicans about the vote count. I think he’s shocked that another republican is being threatened and that’s all. If it were a city controlled by Democrats and they were being threatened by fanatical republicans for counting votes he wouldn’t think twice about it because that kind of crap happens all the time in America and that’s why republicans love the 2nd amendment. They love waving guns in the air, walking around with giant guns strapped to them for no necessary reason other then to fuck with everyone around them, they love threatening anyone that doesn’t agree with them, and they love talking about how they wanna stick their gun up some Democratic lawmakers asshole or pussy and blast away! This guy is just shocked because he’s a republican and your not supposed to threaten another republican with violence thats normally reserved for the opposition, which is ok for him.